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We would like To provide an Environment and opportunity where a child can learn at his/her pace to get ready for Future Challenges alongside sharpen his/her skills in this extremely competitive world without missing his/her childhood .we give an arrangement where children don’t feel mental pressure rather get peacefully trained for future challenges .Since Challenges are there so in our Institutions .Many schools are practicing many patterns of education ,but we believe that children’s in Our Institutions must be exposed to maximum possibilities from there they can choose the most suitable options for themselves. Many organisations put their efforts to replicate and mould the child as per the parent’s expectation and dreams. By this act the child loses his childhood in early age but in our institution’s we try to provide an opportunity for both parents and children to cohabitate and learn in an environment full of love and affections and trust and mutual growth by contributing to each other’s needs .we counsel both parents to provide an optimum in depth understanding of their child in all aspects. Humans are natural learner and they learn from everything. Only they need is safety and happiness and appreciation. We try to provide with the help of the parents a safe secured atmosphere to each child to learn maximum.
Our style of learning is theme based, activity oriented, capacity specific allocation of resources to the children. Our endeavour is to make a balance between routine and creative learning. Every school compels for an extra curriculum activity but in our school. We amalgam studies with range of activities. We try to develop a passion in each child. We believe that passion help soothing child’s temperament and make them more disciplined in life. Passion helps balancing attitude and stabilizes the state of mind and physical things and brings positive changes in themselves. Our institutions provides atmosphere where children interact with variety of adults and this gives them a confidence to handle emotions and manage behaviours themselves in a variety of situations ,maximum of our efforts are aimed to keep the tenderness of childhood and by that enhancing their willingness and acceptability for learning . Children get bored very often so we provide a varieties of options in kind to pamper the young brains to constantly exploring .We believe that institutions are meant for training & preparation whereas homes are for living. So we don’t provide any study preparation for homes rather we week for extra time in our institutions to finish the practice work.
We in our institutions very well know that children are always in a super curiosity mood. Enhancing their excitement level while learning, is the best possible way to prepare them future-ready.
We believe that every child is a born explorer and it’s our duty to make them feel the wonders of learning by joyful observation, active participation and creative thinking.
Even we try to give that opportunity in their home by enriching the parents .In our curriculum we provide children an opportunity to choose and develop and make a hubby for themselves
In our school each Class has one Home Teacher, one internationally qualified Mentor and a speciality Teacher .We maintain a low student teacher ratio, this helps your child to get a quality care and quality education. We create situations to enhance the willingness to learn and motivate to explore and communicate.
About Hobby Dobby - Best playschool and preschool in Bhubaneswar, Odisha
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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

A major part of our work emphasizes on phonetics, language, numerical, anatomical, emotional, social developments of our students. In our School we spend a lot of time working on each child’s personal, social & emotional development.
Our aim in our system is to - Develop a positive sense of self in the child
  1. Form positive Relationship with fellow children.
  2. Learn to Respects every body due to their virtue.
  3. Develops confidence in own ability and try new things.
  4. Learn to handle unfamiliar situation and exhibit proper manners.
  5. Manage own feelings by self-determination.
  6. Understand appropriate group behaviour that leads to a better social being
  7. Develop a passion for himself which will help him handle set-backs.

Our vision

Our vision is to give a child an exposure to variety of skills along with studies without loss of her childhood. So that they become self-disciplined, self-satisfactory and recreational. We encourage and stimulate and hand-held every child to feel the completeness and fulfilment on day-to-day life.
Our classroom environments are child-centred and welcoming, simultaneously challenging too. We make toddlers enjoy their learning and reading by involved in various activities.

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